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  • Red Food Colouring

Red Food Colouring

Natural culinary liquid colouring
spicy red

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Quantity :

30 ml

Materials :

Water-soluble emulsion, red colouring agent from natural sources

For use in :

Kitchen / cooking

The product :

Our liquid colourants are particularly adapted to all your culinary desires. Water-soluble, they mix perfected with liquid preparations such as milk or yogurt, crepe batter, flan, ice cream. . . .

Benefits and virtues :

Completely natural and of a very fine quality, they colour all foods without risk to your safety and bring pap to all your presentations ! You can use them to reinforce the colour of an ingredient or play with creating bizarre dishes: a rose cream, orange rice, green shortbread . . . the possibilities are infinite !

Cautions :

Keep away from children.

Composition :

100% red liquid colorant from beetroot E162 (comes from beetroot)