To make diet and pleasure rhyme, natural flavors prove to be valuable allies.

A few drops of your favorite aroma and farewell the frustrations associated with food bans often imposed as part of a diet. In times of food restriction, it is not unusual to make a fixation on the prohibited food. Who has not dreamed of chocolate, vanilla or caramel after a few days of deprivation? The risk of cracking and rushing on the chocolate wafer or the bag of caramels that stretch out your arms to the food shelves is then real. The good reflex? Think of the natural aromas of "Néroliane" and thus recover all the pleasures greedy without the consequences on the silhouette. In short, we are happy without feeling guilty! Is not this the key to a successful diet?


The natural flavorings of "Neroliane" can all be used in slimming recipes without impact on weight.

Like perfumes, they come from the product of distillation, extraction, maceration, and other processes that have been used for hundreds of years. Concentrated, they keep for a long time and can accompany you during all the different periods of the diet (weight loss and stabilization).


Whether there is a little sugar or oil in your flavors does not affect the diet.

A few drops are enough to flavor your dishes and the impact is minimal compared to the pleasure of taste thus found. There's no need to count the calories or put on a green salad! Slimming by doing yourself good with natural flavors, this is the recipe you need.

Examples of aromas often sought in the context of a diet: Caramel, cocoa, sweet almond, vanilla, gingerbread, bourbon vanilla extract... to be used to raise a cream, a low-fat dressing or a 0% cottage cheese !

But yes, you've been told, it is allowed!