Bath, SPA and Sauna

The « SPA attitude »

It’s to know for yourself the benefits of the thermal cures or beauty institutes, but at less cost.
The secret : Essential oils by themselves cannot be used in bathwater; they must be included in a preparation first.

Principles and pleasures of the bath:

Immerse yourself in water for 15 to 20 minutes, relaxing completely.
You should inhale and exhale slowly and deeply so that the volatile molecules reach the respiratory mucous membranes. The oil totally penetrates the skin, passes through the cutaneous membrane and reaches the blood vessels, thence diffusing throughout the body. Take the time to bathe for a long time before using a cleaning product which will set up a barrier between the skin and the oils, slowing their absorption. To gain the most efficacious result and acquaint yourself with genuine well-being, we advise that you take a bath with essential oils every day.

Preparation :

In a receptacle, use a dispersant medium to mix the essential oils into the water.
Generally speaking, add a tablespoon of honey, or a handful of sea salts, or a bowl of whole milk, or a teaspoon of neutral vegetable oil such as sweet almond, to 15 drops of essential oils.
Add this mixture to a bathtub 2/3 full.
Stir the water for several seconds to completely dissolve the mixture.

Note: Never place undiluted essential oils into a bath; they can provoke skin irritation. Never exceed the recommended doses; essential oils are potent.
The temperature of the bath should not exceed 38 degrees Celsius for pregnant women, infants and individuals suffering from circulatory problems, or older people.

Recipes for the bath:

Sensual bath :
1 drop of vanilla, + 1 drop of ylang ylang, + 1 drop of rose, + 2 drops of bergamot, + 1 drop of cinnamon, + dispersant of choice.

Expansive bath :
1 drop of tonka bean + 3 drops of ylang ylang + 3 drops of grapefruit + 2 drops of sandalwood + dispersant of choice.

“Well being” bath :
2 drops of mimosa absolute + 1 drop of vanilla absolute + 2 drops of geranium in 30 ml of whole milk.

Cleopatra’s bath :
2 drops rose + 1 drop of patchouli + 2 drops of orange in 30 ml of whole milk.

Exotic bath :
3 drops of sandalwood + 1 drop of rose + 2 drops of patchouli in 30 ml of sweet almond.

Child-calming bath :
2 drops mandarin + 2 drops Roman chamomile in 30 ml of whole milk.

Preparing your bath oils:

Mix 95 ml of sweet almond oil with 5 ml of the mixture of your choice:

Vitality mix:
50 drops of rosemary + 50 drops of geranium.

Relaxing mix:
50 drops of rosemary + 25 drops of lavender + 25 drops of sage + 10 drops of patchouli.

Anti-stress mix:
50 drops of lavender + 50 drops of geranium + 15 drops of sandalwood.

Refreshing mix :
30 drops of lemon + 30 drops of juniper + 10 drops of peppermint.

Caution: bath oils will remain effective for 6 months if kept in a cool, dry environment; use only 5 to 10 ml of your prepared oil (sweet almond oil + mixture of essential oils) for each bath.

Sauna: The complete art of elimination

A Finnish invention, this dry-heat bath stimulates perspiration and the elimination of toxins, organic waste, and other skin impurities.
Using essential oils reinforces the beneficial effects of the sauna.
Firstly, they give a feeling of well-being and scent the sauna cabin you are using. Breathing in a lungful of pine, cedar, or eucalyptus scent, you get the impression of pure air, as in a forest, a wood, or the mountains.
With citrus odours like lemon, bergamot (the bergamot tree, a variety of lemon, is also used to produce citric acid), grapefruit, mandarin, or neroli (essence of bitter orange flower), you have the sensation of being in a flower garden on the Côte d’Azur in springtime, in Tuscany, or on a plantation in Seville or Marrakech.
With myrtle it is quite another voyage of imagination.

How to proceed?

It’s very simple. Just put several drops of essential oil into the ladle used to pour water onto the hot rocks located on the heating element, in order to moisturise the cabin. This produces a quick fog that cools the overheated atmosphere by some degrees while scenting it deliciously.

- First of all, in a small receptacle, make a base mix composed of 5 drops of peppermint + 5 drops of eucalyptus + 5 drops of cedarwood + 5 drops of myrtle + 10 drops of lemon.

- Place 3 drops of this base mixture into the water ladle.

- Later the dosage can be increased to 5 drops.