Cooking with essential oils

2 to 3 drops of essential oils are all it takes to transform your recipes.

Simple and general rules about using essential oils in your recipes:

  • on average, use 1 drop of essential oil to each 10 ml of fatty oil (sunflower, olive, or hazelnut)
  • use 100% pure and natural essential oils
  • to create your scented oils, let the mixture age for three weeks so that the essential oils can completely infuse it with their fragrance.

Principle for cooked dishes:

To incorporate an essential oil effectively, it must be mixed with a vegetable oil (olive or sunflower, etc). In general the most commonly used essential oils are from aromatic herbs, but spices are used as well (Thyme, Thymol , Rosemary , garlic, Laurel , Cumin , origano, Aneth , taragon, Basil , Ginger , Mint , Black Pepper , coriander... )

Principle for desserts:

To incorporate an essential oil effectively, it is sufficient to mix it with a fatty substance (egg yolk, melted butter or chocolate, margarine, oil, etc.) or with a sugary substance (honey, syrup). The most commonly used essential oils in this case will be the citruses, Lavender Aspic , Rose de Bulgarie , mint, vanilla, bergamote, for example, but you can scent your desserts with more unusual flavors such as Géranium or Ylang Ylang Complete .

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Some simple recipes:

Aromatic oils:

Unexpected flavors

To scent your salads with flowers!

Mix 1 drop of Ylang Ylang Complete + 1 drop of Géranium in 50 ml of sunflower oil.

Put sunshine into your seasonings!

Mix 2 drops of Lemon + 2 drops of sweet orange + 1 drop of Grapefruit in 100 ml of sunflower oil.