Preparing for massage

Massage: to relax the body and awaken the senses

Massage is probably the best method for taking advantage of the benefits of essential oils. The best moment for a massage is after taking a bath, when the dilated pores help in rapid assimilation.

While certain rare oils (particularly lavender and tea tree) can be applied to the skin in a pure state, most essential oils should be diluted. A virgin vegetable oil or Néroliane sweet almond oil is preferred for preparing massage oils, using the table below as a guide.

Be aware that the concentration of essential oils should be stronger when treating muscular or rheumatic pain (3 %) than when used for facial treatments (0.5% to 1.5%). The norm for dilution is 2.5 %.

Dilution table

Dilution table for preparation of a mixture with a base of sweet almond oil

DilutionFor a base of 10mlFor a base of 30 mlFor a base of 100 mlFor a base of 250 ml
0,50% 1 drops 3 drops 10 drops 25 drops
1,00% 2 drops 6 drops 20 drops 50 drops
1,50% 3 drops 9 drops 30 drops 75 drops
2,00% 4 drops 12 drops 40 drops 100 drops
2,50% 5 drops 15 drops 50 drops 125 drops
3,00% 6 drops 18 drops 60 drops 150 drops

Reminder: It’s vital to make sure that the essences penetrate well in order for their active principles to produce all of their effects.

Some massage recommendations
- the solar plexus can re-awaken energy.
- the spinal column and soles of the feet for relaxation.
- the stomach and abdomen for all digestive problems.
- the lower back for sexual awakening.