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Natural Cinnamon Flavoring

A warm and generous Flavor

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Availability: In stock

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Warm, generous, Cinnamon warms any food. In the form of Flavoring Natural Cinnamon, it is the assurance of embellishing your preparations in a unique way.

On the culinary side, the Flavoring of the Flavoring Natural Cinnamon generously Flavors salty meals such as drinks and desserts. It quickly becomes essential in a dish of Indian-inspired chicken, lamb or vegetables, including curries, but also in many Asian recipes.

The Natural Cinnamon Flavoring is very comfortable in a tajine, a taboule fantasy, a stew of mutton, a roast of pork or with any other white meat.

A rice, alone or with legumes (lentils, chickpeas, etc.) will be very pleasantly perfumed with our Natural Cinnamon Flavoring . Similarly, a pumpkin pie or a vegetable macedonia will be more comforting if Cinnamon is added.

Let's talk dessert: it will be a lot of fun to use the Natural Cinnamon Flavoring in traditional tarts, compotes and recipes made from cooked Apples or winter fruits, or even dark chocolate. An idea for the morning, try a touch of our Natural Cinnamon Flavoring in a bowl of cereal or oatmeal: it's delicious!

Of course, the Natural Cinnamon Flavoring will be perfect in a recipe of gingerbread or special breads with dried or candied fruits, in muffins, brownies, and all the small homemade biscuits that you can make.

As for drinks, think of the Cinnamon Natural Flavoring to Flavoring a chocolate or a warm milk, an infusion of black tea to transform it "tchaï way" or even a sangria, a hot wine. You can also make non-alcoholic cocktails based on fruit juice and personalize them very easily with this fine and warm Flavoring.

Salt dishes: is perfectly combined with the Natural Butter Flavor, or, for a salt / sweet constr, with the Natural Flavoring Honey and Caramel Natural Flavor.

Wake up your guests' taste buds by marrying Cinnamon (a few drops) and essential oil of leafy Pepper or Clove oil (one drop only for a dish of 4/6 people)

Sweet recipes: bet on the marriage of the Natural Cinnamon Flavoring with the Natural Flavoring Apple, the Natural Flavoring Pear or the Natural Flavoring Chocolate.

Cinnamon will love the presence of a drop of essential oil of Bergamot or essential oil of Orange!

Suggestion of use : from 1 drop per plate to 1 coffee spoon of Cinnamon Natural Flavoring per preparation liter. Those few drop should be enough to reveal the full taste of Cinnamon.

An economy product which last long. To use only in cooking preparation. To keep refrigerated after opening. Before every use, think to shake the bottle.

Sugar syrup, water, Natural cinnamon Flavor, thickeners: E412 - E415, preservative: E211 (0.1%)

Natural Flavoring of vegetable origin obtained by extraction, concentration, distillation, roasting or fermentation in accordance with European legislation.

Designed with respect for men and the environment, the products of Neroliane restore the authentic Flavors for a modern kitchen.