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Difficult to always have leaves of fresh mint available? Be smart and opt for the Natural Mint Flavoring ! Its taste, unsweetened, is incredibly close to that of the fresh plant. You have the preparations made in a turn of hand!

The Natural Mint Flavoring is perfectly adapted to salty dishes: you can combine it with a cucumber salad, lamb skewers, a baked leeky baked lettuce, eggplant fritters with fried coriander a spinach pie, a Natural omelette with parsley, onions and / or potatoes, a cassolette of fresh peas or a cake salted with goat cheese. Also think of incorporating the Natural Mint Flavoring in a pan of zucchini, a quiche with leeks and ricotta, or yogurt sauce avocados. A mint Flavored vinaigrette is infinitely refreshing in a green or mixed salad. And a mint sauce is perfect to soothe the fire of strong spices or pepper, especially if the base of this sauce is plain yoghurt, white cheese or cream.

Sweet side, let yourself be inspired by the association very British "mint / chocolate": a classic to take back in your homemade desserts. Very successful also, the red fruits nature (strawberries, raspberries), accompanied by a coulis or cream chantilly house to which you will have added a touch of Natural Mint Flavoring. Another idea: melon and watermelon lend themselves very well to the use of the Natural Mint Flavoring, for a snack or a dessert to be tasted in the heart of summer.

Light cream or mousse with pear or Apricot base, deliciously enhanced with a hint of Natural Mint Flavoring; fruit compote from the orchard, Apple or peach, or Citrus salad with mint and cinnamon, panna cotta decorated with mint chocolate shavings ... be inventive, be creative!

To make drinks, the Natural Mint Flavoring is there: from the simple mint to the water passing by the diablo mint, the mojito or the realization of a cocktail of your invention. Let yourself be guided by your gluttony and suck it all at your convenience!

The Natural Mint Flavoring will be perfect for Flavoring ice cream, sorbet or making homemade sweets such as sweets or fondants. Added to a simple chocolate cake or raspberry mousse, it offers delicious variations to the most traditional desserts.

Aroma type


An economical product which last long.

To use only in cooking preparation.

To keep refrigerated after opening.

Before every use, think to shake the bottle.


Natural Flavoring of vegetable origin obtained by extraction, concentration, distillation, roasting or fermentation in accordance with European legislation.

Designed with respect for men and the environment, the products of Neroliane restore the authentic Flavors for a modern kitchen.


Monopropylene glycol, Natural mint Flavor

From 1 drop per plate to 1 coffee spoon of Mint Natural Flavoring per preparation liter. Those few drop should be enough to reveal the full taste of Mint.

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Pro quality