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Want to enjoy the inimitable fragrance and Flavoring of White Rum, but without the disadvantages of the alcohol that contains? No doubt: it is our Natural White Rum Flavoring that you need! You will be blown away by its taste and olfactory qualities. So close to the original product. Perfumed with desire, fruity and not the slightest trace of alcohol ... a success!

You have the most famous cocktails, such as Cuba Libre, Mojito, Daiquiri or Pina Colada! Natural White Rum Flavoring with Lime, Mint, or coconut milk and PineApple juice ... Depending on your taste and preferences, try the non-alcoholic rum Flavoring card at infinity! Try it: the "soft drink" version of the famous Creole "arranged" rum: with spices or better, with other Flavors such as Natural Cinnamon Flavor, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Cardamom or Ginger Natural Flavoring or, with a drop of essential oil of mint or essential oil of little grain bigaradier. Are you surprised? And yet, the leaf of bigarade is present in the Caribbean macerations, alongside the star of badiane and the Lemongrass leaf ...

As for the kitchen, the field is free. We start with the sweet? Cake with rum and currants, Vanilla flan with rum, gingerbread, and even the traditional Apple pie and small homemade sandwiches, which will be revived with a touch of this Natural White Rum Flavor. Without forgetting the PineApple or Banana donuts: this Flavoring will perfume them without requiring them to be flamed. Up to your jams, which can be distinctively original with this magical touch of white rum. For the lovers of classic cuisine, the Natural White Rum Flavoring is of course essential in pancakes, tiramisu and other...

Are we taking a turn on the salty side? Sautéed chicken or minced guinea fowl with rum, shrimps or langoustines with saffron and rum, monkfish, hake or cod with sweet curry and rum ... On the white flesh of poultry and lean fish, this Flavoring works wonders.

A detour through the hot and gourmet drinks. Why not a Creole Chocolate, with real cocoa, milk, cinnamon and cloves, all heated slowly and embellished with a touch of Natural White Rum Flavor. Or, a Spanish coffee (like Irish coffee, but with rum). Thus, your breaks in the cool season will no longer have the same Flavor. Attention: you could taste it and not be able to do without it! You say ? 100% Natural and without alcohol? If so, why not?

Aroma type


An economical product which last long.

To use only in cooking preparation.

To keep refrigerated after opening.

Before every use, think to shake the bottle.


Natural Flavoring of vegetable origin obtained by extraction, concentration, distillation, roasting or fermentation in accordance with European legislation.

Designed with respect for men and the environment, the products of Neroliane restore the authentic Flavors for a modern kitchen.


Flavoring preparation, water, invert sugar, propylene glycol (2%), acidifier E330, preservative: E211

From 1 drop per plate to 1 coffee spoon of White Rum Natural Flavoring per preparation liter. Those few drop should be enough to reveal the full taste of White Rum.

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Pro quality