The Néroliane essences

The essences

Georges Ferrando travels personally all over the world to seek out the best essences in the very places where they are produced. His selection criteria are draconian and guarantee the quality and origin of the primary materials. It was during the course of one of these quests some years ago that he discovered, exclusively in an Andalusian natural park, a truly exceptional lavender: Its flowers (harvested by sickle) produce a new essential oil of which certain constituents had never been identified in the vegetable kingdom. Since then it has enriched the range of our oils.

This deep sense of observing traditions and respecting nature is married to the rigor with which the Albert Vieille laboratories conduct their research. Strict and unrelenting control at every stage of fabrication is the guarantee of the authenticity and purity of our essential oils, whose benefits can be enjoyed only by virtue of these measures.

Néroliane’s accumulated craftsmanship, the quality of the plants we use, the mastery of the processes we employ, allow us to distill oils which scrupulously fulfill the requirements of aromatherapy. They are even more appropriate for the pure pleasure of the nose, and can be delineated in multiple forms: perfume for the skin … or for clothing; scents for spaces within the home according to the nature of each; or for certain objects….


L’esprit de Néroliane

To construct an essential oil is a major undertaking; a singular alchemy. One must first of all know and love plants, understand the characteristics of the regions, the people who live there, and the seasons. Know how to wait for maturity, a full moon, a solstice. Take the time when there is no longer any time to take. Assist, in the distillery, in the slow transformation of scented plants into essential oils full of quality.

It’s also an act in harmony with the whole of nature. Knowing how to gather or cut the flower so that it can grow back the next year…. “Protect nature” is nothing other than to demonstrate the gratitude we owe her: the practice of distillation leads us to this familiarity, this intimacy, with the plants, and we come to believe that distillation is not something learned but something transmitted.

This captures the Néroliane spirit.