Benefits and properties of essential oils

Odourising, deodourising, and protective oils

Quelques gouttes versées dans Several drops placed into a diffuser serve to perfume agreeably the air we breathe. Among the ones that can be used are: citrus, Lavender Aspic , Lavandin Abrial , lemongrassLemongrass , Eucalyptus Globulus , Rosemary , all of the conifers, cedarwood, tea tree. The slightest essential oil can deodourise an entire room, at home or at work. It’s an unexpected natural application for repelling insects in the home or garden.

For these purposes we recommend Cloves , Arvensis Mint , camphor; mosquitoes do not like , Petitgrain or Géranium , moths detest cedarwood, rosewood, and patchouli. Diluted in a cleaning product, a bit of essential oil serves as disinfectant.

Antibactewrial, antiseptic

The most powerful essential oils contain phenols, such as Spanish  Oregano , sarriette, Thyme, ThymolCloves (seed and leaf), and the leaf or bark of Cinnamon . Tea tree can also be used, and the Lavender Aspic have a persistent antibacterial action.


Essential oils arrest viral activity and develop the immune system. In cases of respiratory ailments they facilitate the evacuation of mucous. A mixture of Eucalyptus Globulus , Thyme, Thymol , Rosemary , and tea tree rubbed on, in combination with a diffusion of eucalyptus or Lavender Aspic has an immunostimulant affect on the respiratory passages, the sinuses, and the lungs.

Analgesic, anti-inflammatory

A local application of Peppermint relieves the vivid pain of a migraine, while Thyme, Thymol works for tennis elbow and Cloves or Laurel for dental pain. Roman Chamomile secretes endorphins and thus indirectly reduces physical and mental suffering. and Eucalyptus Globulus are remarkable anti-inflammatories.


Immortelle essential oil eliminates haematomas and also serves as an anti-phlebitic. Rubbed on with Cypress , Lemongrass and Peppermint , it stimulates circulation of the blood and diminishes feelings of fatigue, particularly in the legs. This formula acts on cellulite if you add some and Atlas Cedar Bleeding or minor haemorrhage can be stopped with Cistus due to its haemostatic action.


Molds can be banished with several drops of a blend of essential oils of lemon zest, Thyme, Thymol , Lavender Aspic and tea tree.


Sarriette essential oil and its floral water impede the formation of digestive gasses because they are carminatives. Cumin , star anise, Basil , Tarragon , and Caraway stimulate both the appetite and the digestive juices. Peppermint calms nausea.


Cistus essential oil and its floral water regulate the function of the thyroid. Lavender Aspic reduces blood pressure while sage increases it. Scots pine and juniper stimulate the renal function. Moroccan blue chamomile limits the production of histamine in cases of allergy. Rosemary has a regulatory action on the rhythm of the heart. Clary Sage, Green Ground balances the female apparatus.

There are plenty of examples which bear witness to the efficaciousness of plant essences.