Our commitment

Néroliane produces and markets pure and natural essential oils selected with respect for human beings and their environment. At Néroliane we make it a point of honor to guarantee not only transparency of origin and quality of our primary materials, thanks to rigorous record keeping, but also transparency of our production methods.

Our essential oils are distilled with attention to the fundamental principles of aromatherapy: botanically defined plant species harvested at the most opportune moment and steam distilled under atmospheric pressure.

In short, every day we commit ourselves so that the user can easily identify our essential oils and thus assure himself:

  • That they derive from natural cultures or a wild state
  • That they are steam distilled under atmospheric pressure (or by expression for citrus)
  • That they are natural (without the addition of synthetic products or mineral oils)
  • That they are pure (each essence springs from a unique botanical variety, of a defined chemotype)

Also, every user of Néroliane essences can receive the guarantee of product quality which only verifiable tracability can provide.