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About Flavorings

Did you say Flavorings?

The aroma is the sensation felt by retro-olfaction when eating. Explanations: The perception of aromas is related to our sense of smell. We only perceive flavors thanks to our nose! Once chewed, the food releases aromas in the mouth. They go up from the bottom of the throat to the nose. This is called retro olfaction. It is then that the magic of the aroma operates or not. Everything is a matter of taste.

The aroma in all its forms …

There are a multitude of flavors that are generally grouped into three main categories:


  • Aromatics: Substances of vegetable origin, they contain natural agents that have the flavor (sapid) and that spread a good odor (odorous). They are used as is after treatment (drying). They do not contain foreign substances. Examples of aromatics: garlic, basil, coffee ....
  • Aromatic Food: Aromatic natural substances, consumable as is, other than aromatic substances. Examples: honey, pulps and fruit purees …
  • Food flavorings : Aromatic substances, generally not consumable as such. They are used to flavor consumer products. They can be essential oils (lemon, mint ...), floral waters and distillation waters (rose, lavender ...), extracts (raspberry, mandarin, coffee ...) and concentrates (raspberry, apricot, vanilla).