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Cuisiner les arômes

The best flavors to create your own infused oils

Find all our tips for creating your own infused oil or flavored butter with natural flavors. The most delicious flavors have been highlighted by our team to surprise your palate!

Truffle oil to bring a touch of sophistication to all your creations

To enjoy this winter pleasure all year round, our natural truffle aroma perfectly transcribes this unique and sought-after fragrance. Oil being a liquid fat, it naturally lends itself to the game of flavors.

Whether it is on a risotto, creamy pasta, cauliflower or Jerusalem artichoke soup, or simply on a mashed potato, a few drops of truffle aroma in a tablespoon of neutral oil (grape seed oil, sunflower oil...) are enough to bring an aromatic depth and a touch of elegance to your dish. Our liposoluble flavouring is ideal for creating your own truffle flavoured oil. Don't hesitate to use this aroma in a butter spread on toast topped with thin slices of raw button mushrooms.

Citrus-infused oils for a boost of freshness

To rediscover the enchanting scent of citrus fruits, which adds a touch of freshness all year round, you can use citrus aromas in a first cold-pressed olive oil, especially on oven-roasted fish, raw or cooked vegetables, or on cheeses such as feta or fresh goat cheese.

If lemon is a must, have you ever tried bergamot? Used in Earl Grey tea, this citrus fruit, somewhere between a bitter orange and a lime, has a unique and intoxicating scent that you must discover!

The yuzu, very popular with chefs lately, is a Japanese citrus fruit. Hybrid fruit resulting from the crossing between the bitter tangerine and an old citrus fruit named Ichang papeda, its flavor is between that of the lime and the grapefruit. Containing little juice and a lot of seeds, this citrus fruit with a subtle taste is to be (re)discovered in our natural yuzu flavor. It can also be used in pastries by adding it to whipped cream or meringue, ideal for revisiting a classic lemon pie!

An Asian touch and the scent of herbs always at hand with flavored oils

If you want to add an Asian touch to your cooking, our natural ginger flavoring infused in a neutral oil will enhance your dishes with a slightly spicy note, including Cantonese-style steamed chicken. Coupled with soy sauce, it forms the winning duo to spice up steamed flatfish such as turbot or sea bream.

Basil is not yet in season? Our natural basil and thyme flavors are perfect infused in olive oil to spice up your vinaigrettes or roasted vegetables.