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Unleash your creativity in baking with our palette of flavors!

Find all our tips for choosing the best flavors for your pastries. Flavor combinations, chef's tips, all the tricks to make delicious pastries!

The great classics of pastry sublimated by the intensity of flavors

Of all the comforting flavors, vanilla is undoubtedly the queen of the flavors used in pastry. No need for infusion time, our natural organic vanilla flavor will instantly sublimate all the great classics such as pastry cream and whipped cream in the Saint-Honoré. But also simpler preparations such as flan, custard, rice pudding, pancake batter ... Its wonderful and recognizable scent will transport you into childhood .... And without hurting your wallet!

Among the other stars of pastry, we find our natural flavors of cocoa, coffee, caramel, and even salted butter caramel ... Dried fruits are not left out with hazelnut, pistachio, and sweet almond that will enter the preparation of Paris-Brest, successes, macaroons, financiers ... All these flavors universally appreciated will be your allies to create recipes gourmet and regressive!

Seasonalizing pastry with flavors

Are red fruits only available in summer? No problem, our flavors can perfectly replace fruit purees and be integrated into your creams, bavaroises and other desserts. Whether it's our Black Forest cherry flavour or our organic strawberry flavour with a strawberry plant, these precious tools allow you to enjoy these ephemeral flavours all year round.

Summer fruits such as apricot or peach are also available in our range of flavors and can be used in the preparation of clafoutis, crumble, or sabayons. Whatever your desires, our flavors can help you to increase the intensity of the flavors you wish to combine.

An exotic touch for original pastry creations that will make you travel

Exotic fruits bring a touch of freshness and acidity to your pastries while surprising your taste buds. Our pineapple, mango, coconut and passion fruit flavors will transport you directly to sunny skies! For a Japanese touch, use our yuzu flavour which is a great alternative to our lemon flavour.

Do you like oriental flavors? The orange blossom, cinnamon, jasmine and rose flavors will take you to the dreamy imagination of Isfahan or the souks of Marrakech. You will be able to revisit your great classics such as rice pudding or panna cotta with these notes from elsewhere.